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interview with Lorenzo (founder , drums) & Alessandro (founder,bass,snyth,piano) from Silence Is Spoken


1 . How was the style of music you make decided?

Lorenzo:The style of music we are playing is just a consequence of whatever we be listening through our lives.I don’t think you can decide whatever you produce artistically is just in your DNA. Developing your own sound through your influences, that’s how it goes!!

2. How are disagreements handled in the band?

Lorenzo: There aren’t many disagreement in the band, everything flows in a very harmonious way, obviously there might be some differences in the judgement, or in the style or approach or whatever we do musically. Silence Is Spoken is a family it’s always been, and it always will be. Every decision is taken by all of us simultaneously, and normally just sit in front of very nice plate of food and a classic bottle of red wine.

3. Best concert or performance you've seen?

Alessandro: It's not easy to mention the best concert I've seen in my life. All of us have seen so many... I would mention bands that always confirm the enormous value they have, one above all Tool, whose concerts are real teachings. Personally, I remember with great pleasure the experience of Hyde Park, London, in 2014 with Soulfly, Motorhead, FNM, Soundgarden and Black Sabbath. That was a great show to remember who the referents of Rock Music still were at that time.

4. What goes into making a good song? Alessandro: I could tell you many things: knowledge of instruments and of music in general, but more than anything else I tell you knowledge of ourselves, of one's limits, also of character, and desire to share. If the chemistry doesn't work in a band, I think the music that would come out of it would be an end in itself. We hope that the magic that reigns in the Silence Family can be perceived by the listener.

5. How has your experience with Wormholedeath been?

Alessandro: It was brilliant so far. They let us work independently in terms of music (style and production) and help us to promote everything we do in a very professional way. It’s a real team, we’re very happy to share this “musical journey” with them.

6. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

Lorenzo: I’m going to say that everything that inspired the latest work is something that has been generated within each of us members over the course of an entire life made up of listening, concerts, musical projects. Many insiders underline the grunge influence in our sound, which we can confirm, but it's not the only one. I also believe that the life paths of each of us have made it possible for an album of this type to come out. It was the only possible one.

7. What drew you to the music industry? Lorenzo: Music is the only way that we can express ourselves and our thoughts and feelings and emotions. It is and it’s always been the only vehicle to spread whatever it’s our message. Also, music has been a huge part of all our lives, being musicians, obviously, starting from a young age, through the teenage years, then coming to our days. I would simply say that music is our soundtrack for that incredible movie that is life.

8. What's your day to day routine? Alessandro: We lead lives that I would define as normal, we’ve got families, we work in different sectors (from engineering to holistic disciplines), we have different passions in life, but there is always and only one place where we feel at home: our studio and it is there where all ideas are born. Thanks for this interview, we look forward to seeing you soon for our live shows

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