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Final Siege Interview

1. Tell me about the scene when you started compared to now.

Gil: The scene then compared to now has completely exploded. When we first started

playing live we had bands that were either established or getting established in the scene

and setting a high precedence for what they were trying to accomplish. Bands like Lies

Beneath, Solemn Vision, Fear Is Dead, Drownyard and Moniasin were the bands

establishing the community and the standards of what a metal band in the scene should

strive for. Flashforward 5 years later and it has completely exploded! Tombstoner came

in and completely changed the game, Viserion have reimagined what black metal can

sound like with their own twist on it. Bands like Electrocutioner, Non-Residents, Gamma

Ghouls, Death Island, Nefariant, Festergore, Cranial Damage, have completely changed

the scene and took it to a completely different level. The scene here is just getting


George: It seems the NY scene is really thriving now. A lot of the bands we shared stages

with at the beginning have continued improve and put out better and better material. The

local shows have larger crowds - often times with no national acts on the bill. We’ve had

some of our local bands tour and get signed. Excited to see what’s next for all of us.

2. What compels you to keep going?

Gil: The love of making music, performing it live in front of people and seeing their

reactions to what we’ve created out of nothing. I also want to be an inspiration to the

next generation to pick up an instrument and form a metal band. When I was younger my

heroes were Dimebag Darrell, Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. They were the reason I

wanted to be in a metal band and make a name for myself in this industry, I want to do

that for generations to come.

George: A sense of purpose. A desire to continue to improve as a player and performer.

playing music at any capacity has been my dream since I was 3 or 4 years old.

3. Tell me a bit about the how the band name came to be

Gil: So, the original co-founding members Randy Reiser, Amir Jairazbhoy and I came up

with the name. We were talking about picking something that would sound cool and

something the audience can chant but also something that had meaning behind the

message we were trying to convey. We threw a few names out and I believe it was Amir

that said Siege, and I said Last Siege and he said Final Siege and that’s what ultimately

stuck with us. We felt like it had a nice ring to it and was perfect for what we were looking for.

4. Over the years, what has become the most satisfactory part of what you do.

Gil: The amount of praise we garnered from people we’ve never met before that have

seen us live. It’s great to have friends who support you don’t get me wrong but nine

times out of ten they’re going to say supportive things even if they don’t’ like it because

they’re friends. But complete strangers will tell you the truth and if you suck they’ll let

you know by leaving. Anytime we’ve had people come up to us after telling us how great

we did will always bring joy to my heart.

George: Playing for bigger and bigger crowds, making friends, and playing out of state.

5. Do you think it's important to keep with a formula or keep progressing?

Gil: I think both are important, I feel like fans of music will expect a certain sound that

helped establish bands that they love. It’s important to keep true to the overall sound of

the band but it’s equally important to not become stagnant. But if you don’t progress as

well then fans become bored of your work and that ultimately kills your fanbase and

support. I think if you find a balance between the two then fans will love you forever, look

at the band Death for example.

George: I think there has to be a balance. It is important to keep challenging ourselves as

musicians and the listeners but not at the risk of losing ourselves chasing trends in the process.

6. Tell me more about your current plans

Gil: Currently we’re looking to expand our music and brand by going out and touring

other states to grow our fanbase. We’re currently filming music videos for our latest

release. We also started writing our next album.

7. What are you most thankful for throughout these years?

Gil: I am most thankful for all the support we’ve gotten over the years from fans, friends,

and family. Also, for all the opportunities we’ve been given by promoters and bands that

we’ve worked with over the years. Had they not given us those opportunities we would

not be where we are today. Lastly, I am thankful for my bandmates, they have elevated

this band to a level that I knew we could reach. I am incredibly proud of the three men I work with in this band.

George: I am most thankful for finding Final Siege in the first place. I am thankful for my

band mates and for the opportunity to write, record and perform with such great


8. A message for those who listen!

Gil: We’re just getting started, I hope you’re all ready for a wild ride!

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