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(NEW REVIEWS) NepCali, CAMPUS, Scars of Life, Entrail Asphyxiation, No Time For Redemption

NepCali - Distraction

This was very interesting and different than anything I've ever heard within the metal realm. The music video is very captivating as well. These different culture sounds mixed with a thrash influence is definitely unique and something worth seeing!

CAMPUS - Thrash Life

I highly enjoyed this one. It immediately brings a great , aggressive, raw energy with some nice groovy chugging. It really has a nice low down heavy quality. I think is super promising for a comeback!

Scars of Life - Falling Up

Loved it. It definitely gives off that early 2000s nu metal vibe, definitely could hear this on hard rock radio then and now! The boom is coming back and I can see people who grew up on this style really enjoying the comeback of a band this good!

Entrail Asphyxiation - Transdermal Parasitic Discoloration

Right up my alley. Love immediately that this just melted my face off. Really muddy and rough production, very visceral. I could tell I was going to like it by the artwork. Goregrind fans can definitely appreciate this.

No Time For Redemption - Life Taker

This was super highly impressive. The transformations were so clean and smoothe, also vocally this was absolutely nailed. The comfort zone has been found and being utilized! Awesome guitar work too. Nice blend of hard rock and metal.

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