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(NEW REVIEWS) Scolopendra, Disruption, CHVPTERS, Zeke Sky, Innervein

Scolopendra - Forced Love Alienation

This was absolutely raw and rugged. Nice brutal energy, it really has an authentic Death metal sound. I absolutely love the artwork and the entire heavy atmosphere this track brings.

Disruption - Rebirth

I love how this is heavy and aggressive immediately , awesome thrash sounding influences. Love the video as well, has an authentic thrash and death feel.


This track was very enjoyable. I enjoyed the dark imagery, themes and just heavy and deep sound. The video was a nice touch. It really has kind of a Prog feeling to the production , but some djenty riffs too. Solid work.

Zeke Sky - Woe Of Kings

Wow this is super epic! Full of shredding , heavy chugs and melodic twists. Really solidly produced and just an amazing and fun video too. This was high quality and rewarding.

Innervein - Valley Of The Kings

I can definitely really appreciate this one. There's such a blend of genres and influence here. Thrash, djent, Prog and even some grunge grooviness. Very cool, it's feels like a mix of modern and old. A musical journey!

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