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(NEW REVIEWS) The Terrible Texan, Jason Tremko , ENDSWELL, Alta Avenue, The Survival Code

The Terrible Texan - Token Eastern Song

Wow I absolutely loved this. Such a wonderful cover. It reminds us how simple things/chords/melodies can be so dynamic and soul touching if used in the right way and that something doesn't have to be popular to be amazing. The tones instrumentally and vocally on this were so killer I vibed out so hard.

Jason Tremko "J.T" - New Horizons

Wow this is beautiful! It's a great mixture of sad and heavy emofion. It's melodic but face melting heavy in some areas as well. Very great dynamic and head banging instrumental with some interesting sort of cyber and industrial vocals. The vocals lack harmony but it works so damn good with this almost static x style! Well done.

ENDSWELL - The Last Grains

Very powerful and emotional instrumentally and vocally! This was a moving track with such thick tones and production. Amazing use of guitar distortion and effects vocally too. There's a dynamic vibe. It's very atmospheric and takes you to another place. Hard to pin this one to a genre but it's a fantastic listen.

Alta Avenue - Fast Food Nation

Really awesome track here , I was pretty impressed. It has this sort of 70s rock influence with some 90s punk elements , it kind of sounds like something you'd play on guitar hero! I really enjoyed the message here and the instrumentation was fantastic. Nice dynamic riffs and that sort of off beat vocal style that is synonymous with rock n roll. I think this was really fun and expressive.

The Survival Code - We Are Just Fooling Ourselves

Really hype track!! It has kind of a punk element to it that I appreciate. It's upbeat but has a rock n roll edge. Pretty nice! It has commercial /radio  appeal but also more raw in its production. It's very catchy and great utilizing of song writing that pops. Some great imagery to add to another layer of artistic expression. 

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