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1. Can you tell me more about what went into naming the band? 

Comaniac is a fusion of the words „company“ and „maniac“ and therefore stands for a short version for the „company of maniacs“. It was the perfect fit for the group of teenage outsiders we were when we formed the band back in 2012, surrounded by social constraints and limitations. There wasn’t a big local metal scene here in Switzerland during those years. 

2. What was the factor in deciding what you wanted the band to sound like?

I guess it was the adrenaline and maybe some testosterone here and there that pumped through our system when we heard the classic thrash metal albums from the 1980s. For us it was the only music that got our attention from second one and we wanted to capture our energy ourselves by doing our own music, inspired by the legends like Metallica, Megadeth or Exodus.


3. What brings you the greatest joy in the music world?

What always motivates me the most is creating own music, writing songs and putting them together on a media like vinyl or CD. I try to be as creative as I can and push the characteristics of the genre as far as I can without losing the attitude and soul.


4. You guys put alot of energy into shows! What's coming next?

We are playing a few festivals in Europe during summertime and hope to set up a tour. Unfortunately I can’t spoil any details yet but if you wanna be the first to hear from the tourdates I invite you to visit our homepage or check our social media channels.


5. What has been the experience on signing with Wormholedeath for the CD release?

The fact that we wrote and released an original song only to show our excitement for this project should tell enough, that we are stoked to work with wormholedeath! We released „Wormhole Death“ in March this year and announced the signing with it as well as the re-issue of our fourth album which will be released soon on CD. We can’t wait what the future brings as we feel a lot of support by the label and want to channel that energy to get to the next step with the band.


6. What really earns your respect when it comes to metal?

I have the highest respect towards bands and songwriters who are able to push a genre on a next level. A band I admire for its creativity is for example Opeth and its mastermind Mikael Akerfeldt. Bringing death metal to such a progressive, yet beautiful and catchy direction is just outstanding and inspires me a lot. My dream is to bring something similar to thrash metal.


7. What has been difficult? And what does it take to overcome it?

There are always times of stagnation or frustration. For example we are struggling to get booked for exciting live shows, festivals or tours for quite some time now although we played many tours so far and released an album a few months ago, that got great reviews. You always have to remind yourself that it is a temporary state and focus on things that work well or show exciting progress. And although being in a band contains a lot of business work, you always have to find enough time to do what you really enjoy – like writing music or meeting up with your band mates to rehearse.


8. Any message for those supporting you! 

We appreciate everyone of you! And we can’t wait to hit the road again to meet the most amazing fans and friends around the world. Until then I hope we can shorten the time by releasing new material and merchandise. Feel free to have a look around on our homepage.

Jonas Schmid / Comaniac

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