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(NEW REVIEWS) Nerva Puck, Peyton Parrish, Colors of Autumn, Dicks'Fall, Led to Ruin

Nerva Puck - Cruel

The instrumental is fantastic. Lots of great groovy basslines incorporated with a groove style drum. Definitely has a huge reminiscent sound to early 2000s Alternative Metal. The vocal style was quite surprising to me! It was refreshing.

Peyton Parrish - Poetry Glass

Pretty brilliant work here! It's very palatable on the hard rock side , kind of radio friendly. But also has this nice rough metalcore edge to it. Great production on the track and music video! It's definitely entertaining

Colors of Autumn - Homesick

Really great awesome straight forward metal tune. Great production. I also really like the artwork. Kind of a mix of death metal and metalcore tones. The song writing is really superb here and great artistry.

Dicks'Fall - T-Rex

I thought this track wad super fun. It's super heavy and totally a head banger but it also doesn't take itself too seriously and has a little bit of goofy fun vibes to it. Works well

Led to Ruin - Fahrenheit

This was pretty neat. It definitely had an early 2000s heavy metal feel to it. It was teetering between hard rock and metal but the chorus was definitely banging. Good energy here!

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