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(NEW REVIEWS) 22 HERTZ, Dark City Panik, Defying, Evenblue, Puddy

22 HERTZ - Back to Hell

The production of these tracks is actually really great! Also amazing job on the music videos as well. It's quite smoothe and also rugged where it needs to be.

Dark City Panik - Last Breathe

These riffs are absolutely fantastic! The chord progressions are really neat. This really has a classic hard rock feel to it with some early heavy metal dashed through out it. Really solid and powerful sound.

Defying - Tempus Infaustum

This, this was fantastic. It's mind melting heavy and planet moving , it feels monstrous and phenomenal. The Sludge and doom feeling to these riffs are amazing. The vocals really bring a fiery and deep , just brutal feel to this song. It's like a blend of black , Death and doom metal.

Evenblue - Violet Hue

Right of the bat this song kicked me in the teeth. These riffs and tone are absolutely monstrous. I love the Sludge feeling and tone here on the guitar. This is blistering and full of so much aggressive energy. It just screams rock and roll but has a nice heavy metal edge to it

Puddy - What Do You Want

Wow! This was full of energy and hype. There is so many different influces I can hear here. It's punk forward in its aggressive nature but also has that Indie vibe sprinked in it. Also super rad video! It really adds to the song.

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