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Design The Curse Interview/Review

1. Tell me about "Design The Curse" , how'd the name come about?

 We had brainstormed 100s of ideas and nothing really felt right for the music we were going for at the time, I finally thought of design the curse and everyone seemed to finally agree on that one!

2. What is your intention / objective with this music?

 Our intention with this music is to bring back some oldschool groove vibes, with our own bit If influences and touches on it.

3. Do you remember when your passion for music started?

 For me personally my passion for music started around 5 years ago, When I was starting to discover and listen to more bands like system of a down, Metallica, Gojira, stuff along those lines.

4. What's your creative process like?

Our creative process has recently just changed up, but Before me and the guitarist would come up and write a beat together, then we would sit down and try to think of a riff over the beat and finally vocals for the finishing touch!

5. Tell us more about "Serve or Die"

Serve or die, is revolved around the current situation on the Ukraine war, the Russians are basically being forced into war and if they dont obey and serve alot of them will face a firing squad

6. Plans for 2023?

Our plans for 2023 are to play as many shows as possible and really build our name

Serve or Die Review:

I absolutely love the immediate just raw and gritty tones that are shoved in your face on this track. The riffs are just the epitome of heavy and really have a reminiscent touch of early Sepultura, vocally as well. It has such a nice classic demo vibe to it and you can tell the progression is gonna be wild! Lyrically a super solid and powerful track. Keep an eye on this for sure.

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