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Black Violence Interview

Interview with Rafè from Black Violence, Italian metal band signed to Wormholedeath records!

1. What about music makes you love it? 

Hello guys, we are BLACK VIOLENCE from Turin (Italy).

we believe that music is passion and freedom of expression, so it’s a form of rebellion in a sense.

2. When and how did the band form? 

The  band was formed in 2016, we met at a friends concert and a beautiful friendship was born immediately.

we started doing Marilyn Manson covers and from there, the first lives started.

Then a year later, we decided to write our own songs and now here we are.

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is your biggest passion? 

it would be very difficult to find a greater passion than music, for us it’s the essence of life

4. What do you think makes a song great? 

To  be great, a song must come from the heart, otherwise it's just notes and words thrown away.

5. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath? 

We’re here with WormHoleDeath and we get along very well; certainly in the underground panorama it’s difficult to find a record label that can offer better services.

6. Do you have any favorites on the Wormholedeath roster?

Personally, we think that every bands in WormHoleDeath Records are amazing; this label knows how to be credible and work with good bands.

7. What are your plans for future releases? 

We still don't know exactly what will come out of the new album; we will definitely go back to basics.

8. What's going through your mind after you finish a song?  


Few know the hard work behind each song; we try to be as unconventional as possible and we are happy that this reaches our fans.

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