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The Way Of Purity Interview

1. Tell us about your single "THE RED HERRING "

Hello, our single The Red Herring is a very emotional and dreamy song, it has been produced by Carlo Bellotti with Riccardo Daga and Marco Chiereghin in Italy. Mixed and Mastered at Firmline Network Studios by Carlo Bellotti. The song has a lyric video which already reached 85k views on youtube and it has been released as exclusive on Sonic Seducer Magazine covermonth Cd before its official release via Wormholedeath / The Orchard (Sony Music) on 14 October 2022.

2. What's been the most difficult thing you've had to overcome musically?

-The most difficult thing that we are still struggling with, is to make people undestand that veganism which is our message, is not just about a diet but it involves the life of billions of animals (sentient beings) and the future of mother nature. People are limited in their thinking that we eat plants because it's our favourite diet. It's true cause we don't like blood or flesh in our mouths but the reason behind it is huge, we approach this matter on a religious level. So we are contantly insulted. There will be a day when killing an animal will be like killing a human...At that point, we will be the ones laughing.

3. What is your creative process like?

The creative process is quite insane. When I feel that I have that fire in me, I book the studio for the first slot available, for 10/12 days. I get in there alone with the sound engineer and I write 11/12 songs out of the blue, like I vomit my art. I just enter a totally visionary state and I travel through my mind while I write the songs...This happens thanks to some chemical help as well.  When the songs are written we reverse everthing with the computer and we re-play everything upside down, everything reversed in the way that I would have never written. 10/12 days, no matter what, the album is ready with all instruments and goes to all the musicians to learn their parts (and make them better as they are professional in their roles...I am professional in bass only). When everybody is ready (after a few months) we gather in studio and we record everything, we shoot a new video, we take new photos, we discuss the whole strategy and then we say goodby to each other until a tour or the next product. We are not a band, we don't act like a band, we don't work like a band, we don't have the same goals of other bands. Our only goal is to spread our message and take as many people as we can into our religion and into veganism.

4. How do you handle negative feedback vs postive feedback?

Negative feedback we usually answer with a huge Fuck Off. Positive feedback we are grateful and we respect the people that support us from the bottom of our hearts. We are humble and we are here for the message, we don't give a shit about being famous, selling a lot of albums...We are happy if our message gets around and everyday new people switch to vegan because of us. That's all, that's why we don't show our faces, we don't say our names and the people that, convinced, write that we are from Sweden write complete bullshit cause nobody knows where we are actually from.

5. Do you have a dream collab?

I would love to write a song (or an album), produced by Ross Robinson, with Steve Hewitt on Drums, Paul Banks on Guitar, me on bass that Rozz Williams could sing ...

6. Do you get nervous or excited before a release?

Excited, why should I be nervous...No way.

7. How do you balance your musical work with other day to day activities?

I do my work at the dayjob and when I am done, I am all for TWOP, like all the others do, I think...Right now we are not touring so I don't have to ask for holidays at work. This new album (and we only have the single out) is getting a lot of media attention thanks to the launch of the religious cult so I am spending a lot of time answering interview questions. A lot of magazines have interviewed us already.

8. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

Wormholedeath is the best underground label, they are fair, honest, organized, reliable and effective. They support their bands from the beginning with assistance, consultation, precious advice, promotion, distribution, marketing, contacts, within their big network, within their structure and investments and with all this, they help acts to grow until they become serious bands. Financially, they start cautious, they invest with us but they want to test the band and see if we are hard working and trustworthy people, but when they understand that we are a REAL war-machine they start supporting us with more money. Obviously, everything is always matching with what we have sold previously but with more money added on top to try to make us jump to the next level. Thanks to them we have toured Europe 4 months with Negura Bunget, toured in shorter but killer tours with big bands (Gorgoroth, Belphegor, Decrepit Birth, Cattle Decapitation, Cryptopsy and many more) performed at festivals (Exit, SWR, Bloodstock, Ost Mountain and many more), we have been contacted by some of the huge metal labels to talk about future releases...Our video has 300.000 views thanks to their promotion ...I could continue to say only good things about them for a full day. I get so many messages from bands asking me advice on how they could get signed by Wormholedeath, the advice that I feel that I should leave here is to try to be unique by STEALING from the bands that you love, not COPYING. If you steal, you understand what they are doing, you learn their talent and re-work it with your personal taste and interpretation. If you copy, you are just a copy and nobody wants a copy of something that already exists. Also the bands that release their albums via Wormholedeath are very strong and powerful, the productions are killer, the image is always stylish so the competition to get in there is very tough cause they probably receive a lot of records to evaluate. If any band think that they have music that is strong enough to get signed by Wormholedeath they can send me a link, I can check it out and if I believe that is a good product I can pass it on.


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