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Zeke Sky - Light the Sky

Wow! Immediately just super intense and explosive energy on this one. Mixing elements of Thrash and Power metal with really great production and song writing. Visually it works very well with the song as well. It really is just a powerhouse combination.

Ancient Settlers - Wounded Heart

Very cool work here! I really enjoy the use of different metal subgenres clashing and being an influence to create this. It's got elements of Thrash, Gothic and black metal. Very cool band name and imagery as well. It's very entertaining

Spread The Shadows - Born for Disaster

absolutely loved the brutality, nice Death metal tones with some groovy break down sections. Vocally this track is a powerhouse and it just has a raw and authentic metal feel to it. Lyrically it's very enjoyable as well. This band is good at themes.

Atom and the Breaknecks - Slot Machine

Amazing, awesome instrumentation full of energy! Great vocal cadences and the writing here is superb. I love the whole vibe and expression. Great punk fun.

No One - Chemical

This was really cool to hear! A blast back to early 2000s blending of rap and metal and that classic nu metal sound. Cool to hear it being revamped and bringing in some modern elements and the resurgence of this groove.

AlphaSix - Orphan! Tether to the Mother

This was incredibly raw and so brutal I was really blown away. The guitar shredding is off the charts and Crazy dissonant tones. It's total whiplash and vocally its just so ruthlessly aggressive.

Seven Spirits Burning - Legalism → Destruction

I already loved the instrumental and heavy absolute great tones and energetic elements. But vocally this was pretty unique and absolutely wild. A bit different style than usual. Worth checking out.

GREH - Illusional Cenotaph

This is one of those brutally heavy tracks that just made my face shrivel because it's just NASTY in the perfect way. Great dark vibes and lyrical content, just another super solid release from the band.

Infinite Sleep - Righteous

Absolute loveable and enjoyable banger here. Really bringing in the aggression and pushing the boundaries of heavy metal! The video was fantastic too. This track was just high quality all around.

Dwnkill - Knives

I thoroughly enjoyed the very ruff and distorted sound here. It really had an interesting texture to it. It really has an element of mid 2000s and modern metal influences. I think this is a pretty unique and promising sound.

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