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Sons of Coherence - Into Black

Another absolute banger I've heard from the band! So many great influences can be heard and metal subgenres fused in here. But what really stands out to me is the grooviness!

Abhoth - Mercury

I was totally interested in this. It just has an immense tone and wall of sound that melts your face. It's super raw and really gives you that Doom/ Sludge feel. Sloppy and heavy, with a dash of darkness and brutality.

Mass Rift - Concrete Death

Really fun track here! It brings elements of early 2000s hard rock and even some Nu Metal vibes combined with metslcore tones. Great production done visually and on the audio. Really high quality heavy tune!

ACOD - The Son of a God (The Heir of Divine Blood)

Absolutely brilliant and devastatingly heavy! I really enjoyed the black metal elements in the visuals and scenery as well as vocally with a nice Death metal touch to the instrumental. Really high quality while maintaining its rawness.

nothingland - sink

Another very cool release I've heard from this band! I really appreciate the mixture of soft and heavy tones. There is always a kind of bizarre but enjoyable quality to these songs that definitely have their own trademark.

Wave Painter - Haunted

Hell yeah! Bringing in some amazing , heavy and masterfully done tones here. Really blends a bit of deathcore, some melody of metalcore and Prog elements. Great production quality musically and visually. This shows great promise for a first listen!

Cevret - Paradise

I'm always impressed by releases from the group! I haven't heard one song over disliked so far. It's got great massive Prog vibes that come in and smack heavy! Great use of visualisers too.

Basterds - Traitor

Absolutely brutal, Dark, creepy vibes here! Great uses of playing with dissonance and eerie tones while bringing that slamming heavy feel. It's just a really solid and fun track for those who love deathcore vibes.

Final Siege - Taxed To Death

I really loved and enjoyed the authentic and old school feel to this one. It's not overly refined and just gives it all in a very powerful way. Love the Thrash Death combination. It really reminds us how great metal has progressed over the years.

No Faith In Fortune - Bloodletter

Truly a banger. Vocally this track just melts your face off with extreme growling. Nice uses of dissonant and eerie tones in the back to give this an even heavier feel with a dark vibe. It's very promising!

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