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Smokeheads Interview

Interview with David Zamora, the singer/guitarist.


1. How was the style of music you make decided?

There was no decision taken at the beginning. The only guideline was to play Rock / Metal music. Our style came surprisingly without many efforts and after playing together for a little while. What helped us a lot was our discussions in between the rehearsals and the exchanges of our different experiences, music cultures and horizons.

2. How are disagreements handled in the band?

Disagreements, if any, are handled diplomatically. The idea is not to find the exact combination to have a fantastic product, but the best possible at our level, keeping in mind the pleasure of playing as the priority. Of course, some disagreements might raise up about a song. When it occurs, we sit down together, usually over a good meal, to discuss it all together. There is no unilateral decision. Each member of the band must have his word to say and speak up to reach the ultimate goal of the band, the quality of the song itself.

3. Best concert or performance you've seen?

It depends, we all have our sensibilities and we all saw different types of concerts. I remember 2 main ones: Rammstein, who’s shows are simply phenomenal ones, and Gojira, who is also excellent. The intensity that arises from the stage when you have Gojira in front of you is just amazing!

4. What goes into making a good song?

That's a very good question, but I think it's very hard to answer in a few sentences. It depends on the style and the sensibility of the bands but for us I would say that it's a good balance between the riffs, the melody, the way of approaching the rhythmic and the placement and the vocal line. It's all about balance, kind of like a cooking dish. It also depends on the mood and the desire.

5. How has your experience with Wormholedeath been?

We released our first ep "Never prick my pickles" in 2021 with their great support! We are currently finalizing our first LP that should be launched in 2023. Hence very soon as time flies...!!

We are discussing closely with Wormeholedeath for a new collaboration regarding this important event for us. Our relationship is good, they support us and do appreciate what we do. That is very important for us. We wish to thank them for their support until now.

6. What was the inspiration behind your latest release?

The inspirations are quite diverse but often related to our lives. Musically speaking, I would say that we basically all have different influences, but with quite a lot in common in the end. The lyrics are more related to our experiences and our feelings. It can come from reading an article in the newspaper as well as coming straight from our experiences in life.

7. What drew you to the music industry?

There are different ways to make music in our style. Either we do it to have fun, do some small concerts for friends and that's enough, or we want to make music and spread it over a little further than in our hometown, to confront people we don't know at all. I think that's why we are here.

8. What's your day-to-day routine? 

At the moment we all have jobs, we don't live from our music, so we can't really talk about a musical routine. We all must balance our private and professional lives with our music.

9.Tell us about your release " One Million Ways"

One million ways is the first track we wrote together as Smokeheads, it's on our first EP. It was our first experience with sampled arrangements, so it was kind of the impetus to work that way. That was also the first clip of the band! The text speaks about trouble you may encounter in life (loss of important persons, family problems, health problem, professional ones, etc…). This song in particular is the reflect of a difficult period crossed by one member of the band but more importantly the number of ways we have in front of us to rebuild ourselves and re-invent our lifes. It's an important song for the band. Let’s be positive in that crazy world!


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