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(NEW REVIEWS) Xianotic, Michael Jarrae, Lone Kodiak, Van Hoose, Ewenay

Xianotic - Dark

Very , very dynamic tune here. I absolutely loved the ambiance and the bass lines are terrific. This had a great texture. It sounds futuristic, kind of dark and dissonant. Vocally there is the light that shines through with melody. Very cool!

 Michael Jarrae - Viper

Awesome raw and gritty vibes! I love hearing beginning and first starters when it comes to releases and this is pretty solid! It really has alot of potential. It's super heavy and nice vocal melodies mixed into the heavier instrumental style. I hear a little bit of death, Prog and thrash influences. Cool stuff!

Lone Kodiak - Inner Monologue

Absolutely amazing energy being brought here. Right from the rip it's a head banging track. I love the metal and punk influences being mixed here. It's so instrumentally heavy with a nice melodic vocal twist in here. Awesome vibes

Van Hoose - Under Confession

This really had almost a devildriver feel to it. It's got some groove and death metal influence. Blistering and heavy, great artwork. It didn't dissapoint. Really brought a relentless feeling.

Ewenay - Filth'n'Valor

This was a cool mixture of softer , melodic and almost Gothic feeling that quickly has twists and turns of heavy metalcore approach. Awesome artwork too. It's definitely a head banger!

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