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(NEW REVIEWS) The Noble Front, Chasing Daisy, Venice Revive, Chaosbay, Chanter’s Punch

The Noble Front - Not For Me

This was super solid! I really enjoyed the blending of grunge, hard rock and metal tones and influences. There's just a really solid groove throughout this tune. Well structured and written.

Chasing Daisy - Chewbacca

This track was super hype! Had a great metalcore feel to it with amazing use of dissonance. There's such a thick production here that really transcends the listener.

Venice Revive - Another Now

Awesome very progressive sound here to the instrumental with the classic metalcore elements, I think vocally was what I was most impressed with! Something about it sounded unique and was pretty cool. I think there's some huge potential here and everything was done right when it comes to this track and genre.

Chaosbay - ARE YOU AFRAID?

I was impressed with the very sleek and modern feel and finish to the song and that the video also perfect matched that feeling! Great energy and hype here with melodic elements complimenting the modern heavy feel.

Chanter’s Punch - Lost in Regression

This is the most excited and banging release so far, it's super groovy with deep chunky riffs and complexity. Super brutal feel to this one vocally as well. Very much enjoyable. The progress is noticeable.

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