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(NEW REVIEWS) Cevret, Taranis, Gutlock, Reversionists, SORG

Cevret - Blinded

Never disappointed by songs from this artist! Really nice melodic and heavy riffs, great visualizer that matched the dark themes of the music. Vocally its also a powerhouse of a track.

Taranis - Comply

Wow! This was highly impressive , I mean immediately the vocals are impressive. Soothing, melancholic and absolutely heavy when needed. I also really enjoyed the basslines and funkiness added here.

Gutlock - This Winter

Highly enjoyable tune here. It has a battering a relentless Death metal style with some grooviness sprinkled in it. It's an absolute heavy banger! The harshness is really utilized in a great way.

Reversionists - Trapped

First off I love the message and the lyrics, the theme here is great. Well done job on using the heavy instrumententation to further portray your message! Super great heavy tune with that solid metalcore vibe.

SORG - Rage of the gods

Awesome work here. I definitely enjoy how many different influences come into play here (Black, thrash,Death,groove) all come together to make a super wavy and hard hitting instrumental track here

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