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(NEW REVIEWS) We Are Pigs, Mount Sinai, Spit Takes, Forest and the Tree, Solcura


Fantastic work! Really great mix of alternative rock and rap. This track definitely sounds like a radio banger from the early 2000s and I love that vibe. Really love the whole idea of this project and where it's going! Great production , lyrics and emotion. Enjoyable listen.

Mount Sinai - Backseat Lover

Amazing! Immediately caught my attention with how absolutely groovy and wavy this track is. It's so smoothe but also has this raw uncontrolled energy flowing through it as well. Great musianship here in my opinion, very cool idea ,images and sounds. Rock on !

Spit Takes - Groomers

Instrumentally this is the best punk I've heard in such a long minute! The guitar has this doomy sludge tone and distortion but is being played at punk speed and rhythm and style and it sounds absolutely rad. The drumming is so tight and right in the pocket for this track. Absolutely nailed it. The vocals are fun and expressive. it's nice to hear a female fronted punk band as it's not as common. Loved it!

Forest and the Tree - Bleeding

I really liked the subject matter being discussed here! It is very relatable as musicians. This song kind of had this deeper melancholy feeling through out it. It was somewhat reminiscent of mid 90s grunge! I thought it was a solid rock tune.

Solcura - Imposter Syndrome

Fantastic work!! Loved the intro, it was building anticipation and then slammed in heavy with this great grunge guitar tone. The vocals really took it to another level as well, sounded majestic! Really enjoyed it. Really exhilarating rock music.

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