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(NEW REVIEWS) Heavy Lies the Crown, Never Back Down, Anchorage, Tzarina, GREH

Heavy Lies the Crown - Monster

This was a hard hitter for sure, was definitely looking for this vibe today. The use of dissonant tones was utilized greatly here and fit the brutal and dark nature of the song. Vocally its overpowering but in a good way.

Never Back Down - Outcast

This was super impressive! Great use of constraint here vocally and musically, has an amazing metalcore vibe with modern elements implementation in the post production. Super high quality , fun head banger!

Anchorage - Ties

Amazing energy displayed right off the bat with this one! It just explodes instrumentally and vocally. So much hype and great production audio and video wise. Really has a nice metalcore kind of vibe.

Tzarina - Borrowed Time

Super great melancholic vibes here , it's got that kind of sad and emotional feeling to it. But it really has those heavy undertones and great distortion used vocally and on the guitar. Makes for a fun listen! Definitely great for those who like hardcore.

GREH - Thy Breath Not Mine

Another awesome and solid release from this band! Absolutely brutal and relentless from the start. These low gutturals sound great, with fast , technical whiplash instrumental work.

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