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(NEW REVIEWS) Buzhold, PostHumanX, Bluntnose, O Odious Ones, Rory Rhoads

Buzhold - Shoe Case

I thought this was pretty cool, I was unsure of where it was going due to a longer intro. But it really hit and kicked in hard with a heavy wall of grunge, shoe gaze and alternative vibes. Very melancholic and heavy vibe.

PostHumanX - Cogito Ergo Sum

Awesome! Absolutely brutal right from the start, had a tech death vibe to it as well as some deathcore , slow and low breakdowns. Quality heavy banger with nice themes and artwork!

Bluntnose - Tie The Knot

I really liked this track, really raw and aggressive energy being refined and transfused into an authentic banger. It has its own lane and style. Nice heavy metal tones with grunge and alternative melodic areas.

O Odious Ones - Blues Waffle

This was enjoyable, I like the degenerative feel here. Sprinkled with humor, but good solid rock with nice fuzzy deep tones. Little bit of a grunge feel to it as well. It's thoroughly fun.

Rory Rhoads - Anxiety

Awesome, mind blowing and bending work! Awesome progressive metal work with some djenty vibes sprinked in. Also good tone choices , gives an Ambient, sort of relaxing vibe even though the track is titled anxiety. There's some tranquility here.

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