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(NEW REVIEWS) Tzarina, Grand-O, The Layman Preachers, Bear Within Us, The Library is On Fire

Tzarina - Splatter

Very vibrant tune! I can hear so many different elements of different genres but it's not over done. I really love the raw and visceral vocal approach with super powerful and dynamic riff work. The drum pattern is super smooth and nice as well. This track would appeal to rock and metal fans I believe because it's so evenly balanced.

Grand-O - Nights Like This

I was feeling this one! It definitely has a good groove and some wavy vibes. I think lyrically it was really great , it has a nice laid back nonchalant flow. It was mixed and produced nicely! The chorus kind of had Kid Cudi vibes.

The Layman Preachers - I Dare You

This had such a cool quality to it! Very raw but somehow refined in the production. It sounds like a soundtrack for a badass movie! Great lyrics , very good instrumental writing as well. Loved the punk element to this.

Bear Within Us - Devil's Day

This was pretty rad! I enjoyed the story telling aspect going on here. The whole zombie apocalyptic vibe is really neat. Great video and lyrics! Instrumentally it sounds like early 2000s rock/metal you would hear on the radio and I really appreciate that era! Overall it's an enjoyable tune.

The Library is On Fire - Hotel Jugoslavija

Really effective track here. I've noticed with the bands music it really has this early 2000s rock sound, similiar to CKY and just has this nostalgic vibe to it I really enjoy. You've always managed to keep it refreshing and a reminder that if it isn't broke don't fix it!

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