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( NEW REVIEWS) TYFY , ExecutiveRock, Burdener, Tzarina, Trapt

TYFY - Can't Break Me

I really thought this was pretty rad! I really like the idea of mixing groove and nu metal. It's a mixture that's always well received on my end and I thought you executed it pretty well! I really thought the instrumental was an absolute head banger and the vocals were pretty nice too! Maybe a little bit better vocal mixing but overall it was crushing! Love the chugging.

ExecutiveRock - Voodoo Dreams

Another awesome banger guys! I really enjoy and love the mixing of hard rock elements but with that gritty thrash metal quality you bring always as well. Really a song that makes you move your head. Great song to listen to in the car or while performing a task because this song brings the hype and motivates you!

Burdener - Fragments

Absolutely loved it guys. This is the second track I've heard and it does not dissapoint whatsoever. Really great expression and just full of raw , filthy and fuzzy tones. The riffs are fantastic and that bass tone and groove is just heavy and heavenly. Love the manic sound and style to the vocals. Really enjoyed this.

Tzarina - Currents

Fantastic! Really loved the riff work right from the start. It really sets the mood for the rest of the song and gets you interested immediately! Vocally there's some great melody and your approach really just worked with the instrumental. Over all solid metal track!

Trapt - Ignorance Is Bliss

I think you guys took an interesting approach to this and it paid off! It has this very desert , hazy, almost psychedelic beat to it. Vocally its really powerful and really blends well with the instrumental. It's a more laid back song but still manages to hit really strong! It's a good start for this new album.

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