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(NEW REVIEWS) Through The Forest Of Time, NOTSM, Theraphosa, The Kingdom Below, CARBON

Through The Forest Of Time - Not Today

This was very explosive immediately from the start. It's very heavy instrumentally, vocally and lyrically. This track has good potential going for it. The lyrical video worked great too to portray the heaviness of the lyrics.

NOTSM - The Hedonic Treadmill 2

Crazily interesting! Awesome concept, idea and lyrical content here. It just starts off brutal and keeps an intensely high energy. With some absolute halts into a softer melodic area. It works really well with the track concept.

Theraphosa - Violence

Very Gojira style of opening this track, enjoyed that. This track is super heavily Prog and it's pretty dynamic. There's a Hollow and haunting quality to the song. It's an interesting listen.

The Kingdom Below - Mass Destruction

Love the quality here , it's refined but not overly polished and brings a great aggressive, raw energy. Love the melodic areas that swing in sync with the raw and heavier elements.


There's a very nice hardcore vibe and and style here , just incredibly visceral vocals with a dash of metalcore in the guitar tone. Very nice work , it's full of whiplash.

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