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(NEW REVIEWS) The Moor, Floodfall, Friendship Commanders, Scurra , ROCKSPHERE

The Moor - Emissaries

This one was pretty rad! It definitely caught my attention. There was really heavy, deep prog tones that you managed to blend with a stoner and doom vibe. Awesome mixture, very powerful sounding track! Great lyrical work as well. Instrumentally it's a monster. These riffs are food for the soul.

Floodfall - Snow Dogs

I think one immediate word comes to mind when listening to this, EPIC. This was absolutely kickass. Awesome guitar work, the drumming is fantastic. What a great Duo! The music video is super captivating. I mean this was just so rad and enjoyable. This is a track and video you want to see and hear over and over again. It brings a smile to the face.

Friendship Commanders - FAIL

Wow! This one instrumentally is an absolute banger. These opening tones in the intro are massive, the distortion is so magnificent! The riff work is magical as well. Really deep and rich! Nice melodic vocals balancing with the heavier distorted guitars , good work here. The video is quite fun too.

Scurra - Bucaneer

Super groovy track. I loved the old-school hiphop influences in the instrumental and vocally in your flow but you've managed to make it fit in with the modern state of rap too. Overall very well produced and enjoyable

ROCKSPHERE - (K)now You're Mine!

This one was very fun. It starts immediately with a bang and no hesitation! Just smacked with shredding from the start. Very nicely structured track with lighter but still powerful vocals and interesting lyrics. From the tracks I've heard this is promising and straightforward metal.

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