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(NEW REVIEWS) The Maxines, The Wright Valley Trio, XIII Doors, Sons of Coherence, MVFL

The Maxines - The Watcher

This was so beautiful and full of melancholy. The bone crushing tones with melody sprinkled on top and a soft but almost haunting vocal quality. It's very grungy with almost an alternative metal side to it. Love it.

The Wright Valley Trio - Schlaf

This was really awesome. Super raw and gritty , super powerful. I love the doom/sludge quality here with such a thick fuzzy tone. Has a little bit of a grungy feel to it too. Purely awesome

XIII Doors - Unleash The Beast

Great work here! I love the deep prog style tones but has a solid heavy metal feel to it with a little groove. Vocally its pretty unique and cool, it really compliments the heavy riffs with a modern touch.

Sons of Coherence - Peak

Brutal, brilliant, and fantastic. There is really a blend of various metal sub genres here that mesh together and create something really entertaining. Definitely has a death metal kick with some groove sprinkled in. Visually it was great too.


I really like this Nu Metal resurgence that's happening. I also enjoy the really rugged and gritty production of this track. It feels pretty authentic in the old school Nu Metal realm and is packed full of angst and experimental ideas.

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