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(NEW REVIEWS) The Hill Is Burning, Spirit Bear, Embracing the Grey, Kelly Murphy Music, Antonio Taylor

EXOCED "The Hill Is Burning" - Sec O Foot

Another fantastic release I've heard from the band! I'm always impressed with how dynamic these songs are and there is such an immense groove metal feel to them I really love. All of these songs flow so well together. Awesome artwork and it just holds up as solid material.

Spirit Bear - Friends

Love the really upbeat feel to this and it's slightly shoe gazey too. But it's got a nice punk rythym to it and it's just a fun and lighthearted song that makes you want to move! Great message and lyrics portrayed here as well.

Embracing the Grey - Desolation

This was super fantastic! Very prog and djenty, just really crushing heavy and deep tones. I love the use of melodic breaks here too reminiscent of some metalcore. It really lightens the song in a great way. I enjoy songs you can feel emotions and messages without lyrics and this is one of those!

Kelly Murphy Music - Decadent Love

This was very solid! I can hear the passion and I really love the idea of collaboration of worldwide artists into a project. Love the teetering between hard rock and metal, it's heavy but also still has more radio appeal. Cool lyrics and artwork too.

Antonio Taylor - Boot to the Throat

This sound is just very raw and relentless , it definitely has a thrash influence to it and it just reminds us why metal is so great. This is heavily instrumental but it's dynamic and keeps you listening! Fun , fast and aggressive riffs.

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