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(NEW REVIEWS) The Blackboard Nails, The Cartographer, Sixpin, Down With Rent, Evoking Winds

The Blackboard Nails -

First thought in my head is this sounds very reminiscent to Smashing Pumpkins in certain ways. But I really love the deep and just emotional feeling in the guitar and vocals. The bass is fantastic and really carries the tune. It has a slight 90s Alternative vibe I really appreciate as well but some modern indie twists. I really enjoyed this! I could see this on the radio for sure.

The Cartographer - Red Tape

If you're looking for a new heavy tune that sounds amazing, the Cartographer has it! This definitely should blow up. It has every element of a heavy ass track that makes you crap yourself and have a sore neck. Open the pit! Because this one is stanky. This band never disappoints.

Sixpin - Wasted

Really appreciate the addiction aspect here and the storytelling of such a subject. The raw and aggressive metal tones make a great platform to be able to get across such emotions. Really solid metal tune!

Down With Rent - Born Again Fascist

This is one of the best tracks I've heard in awhile! It just starts out being heavy as hell without the instrumental starting yet. The vocals just kick you in the face and the guitar comes in and truly makes this nasty. I really enjoyed the punk elements here.

Evoking Winds - Bald Mountain

Very awesome storytelling element and imagery involved In the track! I love the female tribal sounding vocals mixed with the black metal element. It's very interesting and new! It was a really solid track.


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