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(NEW REVIEWS) The Behaviour, Shadowbound, Rafael Trujillo, Doe's Theory, Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter

The Behaviour - Burning of the Neon Dream

I really liked the atmosphere you delivered on this one! It's very soothing with a melancholic quality. It feels deep and passionate. Just a great sounding softer rock track! Enjoyed it very much.

Shadowbound - Far From Existence

Very dynamic hard rocking tune! It's right of the edge of hard rock and metal , kind of dancing between the genres throughout the track and I very much enjoy it! It has a early 2000s rock vibe that's really precious to me. Nice tune to turn on when you're trying to get pumped!

Rafael Trujillo - Wishes and Dreams

Very beautiful track! Great use of extremely rich , elegant and melodic tones. Love the fusion of jazz , classical and metal atmospheres. Very smooth and slick production! It's very much a story telling track despite the lack of lyrics and that always impresses me!

Doe's Theory - Uppercut

Good work here! Reminiscent of late 90s grunge work, but with a nice rock and roll edge. This track manages to have a nostalgic rock vibe but with some modern production in the midst giving it a deep and atmospheric sound!

Kiss the Gunner’s Daughter - SMILE

Very nice opening groove! I love the groove metal aspect of this track mixed with the kind of prog/djent undertones. The riff work on this one really stands out to me and makes it fun! Very nicely crafted metal tune with a good lyric video.

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