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(NEW REVIEWS) Seven Spirits Burning, Apeiron Bound, Amerakin Overdose, The Keeks, Lunarscathe

Seven Spirits Burning - Drop the Corpse

Incredible! Absolutely loved the whiplash you get from this track immediately. It wastes no time being Absolutely brutal! It's super raw and aggressive and has all the elements that make me remember why I love metal music so much. Everyone in the band sounds killer and the vocals are mind bending! Also great production on the mix , nice aesthetic on the video. Really well put together piece!

Apeiron Bound - Absent Familiarity ft. Joshua Corum of Head With Wings

Very cool! Love the crunchy distortion of the guitar work and the bassist was really going off! Great vocals too. The mixing and production was high quality as well as the video! All nicely done. Really exhilarating and interesting break downs with great use of eerie dissonance. The ending was unexpected and very beautiful.

Amerakin Overdose - Neurostatic

This was epic! It really had such a professional sound and vibe to the track and video. These guys are really bringing back Nu Metal with a punch! You can hear elements of 90s and 2000s Nu Metal in alot of these tracks with a pinch of Death Metal. Can really see the hard work and dedication in their releases.

The Keeks - you gonna

Found this one very fun! The drums kick in and sound really tight and fresh. Nice groovy and catchy riffs with matching lyrics / vocals. It has a nice blend of punk, indie and garage rock. With an interesting message as well. Solid.

Lunarscathe - Pillowtop Deathbed

Right from the start I really enjoyed the fast pace double bass beat. Super brutal and the guitar chugging Is wonderful! Reminded me a little bit of Meshuggah. I really enjoyed the lyrics and deep growling as well. Really raw and aggressive track. It's a banger!

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