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(NEW REVIEWS) Sequoia Grove, PVRS, Voiture, Neon Funeral, Redline Drive

Sequoia Grove - The Terrorist

This was epic and brutal. I love the simplicity but making so dynamic and just really tuning / toning it down into this very gritty groove. Interesting lyrics too! It definitely has an element of doom and death metal mixed.

PVRS - Tomorrow

Wow I love how visceral and just aggressive every element of this song is. The vocals make me feel like my head is going to explode (in a good way). Very powerful piece of art here! Love the djenty style of the riffs and the slight melodic patches. Super nice listen.

Voiture - Volant

This was really fantastic. It's lovely to see a first release like this and see all the angst and emotions being portrayed in such a raw and gritty early work without any saturation. This feels like something that will be greatly appreciated eventually.

Neon Funeral - Avolition

Amazing work here. It's a brilliant idea! Really brings in that 80s feeling but modernized. Great darkwave vibe, it was really interesting to hear this style of instrumental but with heavier metal style vocals. It's such a brilliant idea that really works and sounds great. I think this will really catch on.

Redline Drive - Shelter

I really enjoyed this. It had such a great early 90s vibe to it, similiar to School of Fish or something in that pre-grunge moment of the early 90s. Really solid structure to the tune , kind of quirky but upbeat. Great lyrics!

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