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(NEW REVIEWS) Savage Fox, Remnants of Humanity, Spit Takes, Marcus Ryan, Antonio Taylor

Savage Fox - Lose It

Pretty cool track here! It has kind of an upbeat but also melancholic vibe simultaneously. It really has a mix of hard rock, punk and some slight metal approach. It definitely feels like a good road trip tune.

Remnants of Humanity - Dark Matter

Really great deep prog tones , nice mix of melodic and heavy vocals and riffs. This track really feels passionate and conveying a message. Also the artwork really fits with the airy atmosphere of the song!

Spit Takes - Teeth

This track is definitely on par with other releases from the band. Awesome and unique , original but slightly familiar punch approach here that really rocks. It's powerful, dynamic and not overly complicated.

Marcus Ryan - So Far Away

I was a little unsure at first of the intro, but when this track really kicked in I was impressed. Great metal forward riffs with almost a Gothic kind of approach vocally. The video really made this track more interesting as well.

Antonio Taylor - Vicegrip

This one is much more raw and gritty than the previous I've heard. It has almost a "demo" quality to it that I can appreciate. I enjoy this one because it has kind of a death metal and thrash metal crossing. It's definitely aggressive.

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