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(NEW REVIEWS) Sammy SlamDance, Tormentus, Sons Of Coherence, Faith Head, Ron Coolen

Sammy SlamDance - Bile

Wow! This was unexpectedly super brutal and just sounded intense immediately. There's so much going on here , brutal death tech vibes, deathcore influence , and definitely slam. It really is a whiplash of a track and sounded like a layer of hell. Great simple but dynamic video here , there is many metal fans that could get into this.

Tormentus - Instead of God (Demo)

This was great! First thing that really caught my attention is the groove that's in here. Really groovy little pattern combined with the heavy vocal approach really sounded awesome. Love how raw and visceral, aggressive, and just overpowering this track is.

Sons Of Coherence - DYKE

Awesome. Really awesome. The artwork is fantastic and the song does not dissapoint. Super brutal break downs and the vocals just really made this track stand out. It's a total stank face track. Reminiscent of Devil Driver in some spots but has a modern deathcore vibe sprinkled in it.

Faith Head - Aberrations of Reality

Wow this one was really interesting! It started off super heavy with the chugs and epic little solo. Then I kind of got these Faith No More vibes in the verses. Its really a cool song with a really unique signature on it.

Ron Coolen - Firebird

I think this is pretty awesome work. Straight forward heavy vibe with a kind of nice grunge influence in there too. It was super dynamic and kept me interested. The riffs are purely awesome!

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