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(NEW REVIEWS) PVRS, Eyes of Your Eyes, decades., Martial Law, Cutterred Flesh

PVRS - Solstice

Really nice video production, really dig the logo as well. Really deep , heavy prog metal tones and vibes. Some of these areas have a heavy Sludge feel too. This band does not dissapoint with good releases.

Eyes of Your Eyes - Divinempty

This was pretty epic! Just visceral and kind of chaotic emery flowing through this one. Instrumentally the electronic elements compliment the heavier metal sound and didn't over do it or down it out and makes a nice balance.

decades. - Indifferent

I thoroughly enjoyed this one. It has a story telling quality to it and blistering under tones. The vocals kind of lead the pace here and I appreciate the structure of this chaos and heaviness. Also the video really matched and complimented the song.

Martial Law - This Bile

Mega brutal! The vocals really stood out to me on this track and made it extremely and excruciatingly heavy. Also great chugging on the guitar. Really solid guttural feel to this. Awesome track name too.

Cutterred Flesh - Amanda

This track is an absolute ride of whiplash. Super brutal tech death with immense speed and aggression. It sounds like a war! Great visual aspect / art. Bit of deeply disturbing vibes! I see very much a nice future for this group.

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