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(NEW REVIEWS) MANTHERS, Magna Zero, King John, Fate DeStroyed, A Northern Divide

MANTHERS - The Big Bang

Highly enjoyed this one! It's one of those tracks that takes you on a ride. It started off sounding very sludgy in the tones and almost doom like, which then progressed into a deep heavier grunge style. Very thick and powerful!

Magna Zero - Under The Dirt

Always bringing the high energy! What really caught my ear and impressed me on this track was right off the bat you get these thick distorted almost stoner tones and this sort eerie dissonance in the background. But that funky bass really made this track go over the moon! So well done. Vocally it was just super great as well with the right vocal effects for this track.

King John - The Contract

I went into this one a little skeptical but I have to admit it blew me back! The flow was absolutely on point , cadence mastered and lyrically super dominant . Hard beat choice and good production!

Fate DeStroyed x Tommy Roulette - Wish You Would

This was pretty awesome! I did not expect this at all. It's comes in so strong and slaps you in the face with a metal kick! But it has this modern rap mix with female fronting vocals, its a total mixing pot of totally different and rad sounds. They did so well with this because it's going to appeal to so many people visually and musically. They did magnificent with the production and video! Worth checking out.

A Northern Divide - Excursions

I loved the absolutely mellow and chill vibes here. Just super elegant and relaxing tones , great for a summer day or a party. Really great production here. Solid structure and backbone to this track, I don't feel it's missing any elements and hit the target they were aiming for.

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