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(NEW REVIEWS) Lex Maria , The Hooliganz, Brina, Wirefall, Panic Wave

Lex Maria - Shards/Knives

I really liked the kind of quirky and unsettling use of vocals during the verses with that great and groovy bass line! The chorus kicks in hard with great guitar distortion and heavy riffs. The increase of vocal power on the chorus makes the metalhead side of me love this!

The Hooliganz - Bigger Boat

It immediately started off with some nasty deep chuggy riffs so you know I'm gonna love it! Really great utilizing of mixing rap and metal, when done well its such a great blend! Really liked the gritty production , worked really well. Nice vocal tone for the instrumental as well! Also really enjoyed the lyrical content and praise towards Jaws!

Brina - FALENE

Very cool and rad! I loved this one. It really takes you on a ride. It has the all the elements I enjoy of metal , Rap and almost this indie alternative twist in there in areas as well. Great heavy powerful chorus! Really good bass lines and nice rapping done on the verses. Very well written and produced! Loved it. Super hype!

Wirefall - Soy Sauce

Pretty damn good! It definitely aims towards hard rock audiences and done well, but has a bit of a metal edge as well so it's definitely great for listeners of both genres! I liked that used the kind of auto tune vocal effect here on a hard rock track and made it work and didn't over do it. Overall it's a well written track.

Panic Wave - Space Train

Very interesting blend here! It was like a mixing pot of rock, Psychedelic, indie, Alternative, and experimental. It was quite a strange track but in a wonderful way. I loved the raw take on production and playing here, as well as all the distortion you utilized. You manage to make something crazy and funky that's almost over the top but not quite over done! I enjoyed it.

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