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(NEW REVIEWS) Indigo Zebras, Bloody Moon, DemonScar, Solsticio, Never

Indigo Zebras - Fractured

The instrumental here was fantastic and really attracted me to this song. There's such a nice change up in time signatures, tones and melody. Overall the track is aggressive but has a melancholic vibe to it as well.

Bloody Moon - Endless Chaos

This was super rad! I enjoyed the black metal ish style of vocals , with some thrash and death influence on the guitar. Nice simplistic and dark video, it's definitely a banger!

DemonScar - Hand of Kings

Amazing work here. What really is grabbing is the abundant Doom and Sludge feeling here. It's just so slow and heavy, it sounds like the Abyss! It's ear crushing. Awesome artwork too.

Solsticio - Niño Violento

Awesome old school approach here! Sounds like a genuine and authentic early thrash style song. Great production, the vocals were very powerful! Nice riffs and tone. Also the artwork was intriguing.

Never - Disrespect Reality

Pure awesomeness. I love the early deathcore era and this takes it right back to that moment in time. Great solid production here, super visceral and such a deep sound. Really fun to listen to, it's a stank face track for sure.

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