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(NEW REVIEWS) Extraction Of Thy Soul, Necroscum, Glacerate, leauxx, Seinaru Sekai

Extraction Of Thy Soul - Self-Torturing Tendencies

This one was highly enjoyable for me as well, I just love low quality and "buzzing" recording style is used correctly and you guys did just that! It's gritty, raw , nasty and brutal. It has so many key elements I love in this genre and it was well executed. Great lyrically and vocally, loved the riffs. It just screams black metal and I can appreciate what this track brings.

Necroscum - Slamshit

Well I personally really loved it. This was what I describe as audio assault, it just kicks in and punches , leaved your ears ringing! I think every element of this track as far as metal goes is right on the mark and was a fantastic headbanger. Vocals were mighty and brutal, the instrumental is just absolutely whiplash and would definitely open a pit! Loved it.

Glacerate - Used

Very intriguing and quite the listen! There's so many influences and blends of genres , it's like almost a new genre! It's not overdone though, it really makes for a smooth listen once the vocals kick in and I really enjoyed the lyrics. I love the desert tones mixed with the thick fuzzy texture. Great distortion being utilized! I really think this is fun artistry.

leauxx - hungry

This usually isn't really my style but this one caught my attention! It's very wavy, groovy and kind of gothic and tribal. Great vocals , really nice use of effects and layering to bring out some distortion and texture. It's just kind of one of those songs that makes you stop for a minute to focus on what you're hearing!

Seinaru Sekai - Poisonous Injection

What a monster of a track! I could tell immediately it was going to be super heavy and hype and when it drops with the vocal intro it's a song that gives you the stink face! Makes you want to open a pit and mosh. Really dynamic and thick tones throughout the song , mixed very well too! Really love the whole vibe and aesthetic of the video and band. It's a memorable head banger for sure!

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