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(NEW REVIEWS) Crimson Eyes, Friendship Commanders, De La Rocka, seeing hell, Glacerate

Crimson Eyes - Serenity

This was really well done. I really enjoyed the use of synths in the beginning when it drops, it worked really well. Also the bass tone is super crushing here and really brings the track together. This song feels like early 2000s nu metal with a modern twist. It's a banger!

Friendship Commanders - High Sun

Very cool! It had a really 90s grunge, Punk feel to the production and fuzzy tones. Video felt like a throwback too! Sounds and looks like something you'd randomly see on MTV in the 90s and it ends up being memorable. I enjoyed the entire production and all of the energy being brought here. Its a very unique track with some impact.

De La Rocka - Beer, Blood, Rock 'n' Roll

Very fun track! It's a great party track with tons of punk and rock n roll tones and vibes. It really has the sounds and aesthetics of punk attitude! Fun and great video to go along with that I think adds alot to the track. It has a not caring , kick ass , party hard mentality.

seeing hell - pulse

Really loved how this all came together. I wasn't so sure about the intro but once the distortion and absolute face melting heavy tones came in I really got the vision here. It has such a good mix of doom and sludge vibes but it brings its own style as well. I really enjoyed this one.

Glacerate - Binge

I really enjoyed this one! It has such a great heavy vibe with really great use of distortion and it manages to be mind bending heavy but the video is so light hearted and colorful and it's such a cool mixture! Great song writing and video idea!

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