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(NEW REVIEWS) credit electric, WackGxd, Milk Krayt, Thermality, Lone Kodiak

credit electric - house of cancer

Just so very beautiful, melodic and full of melancholy. This normally isn't my style of track but this one really caught my attention. It really shows how you can use simple sounds and style, structure but a unique artist can use that and make it super dynamic. This song really grooves.

WackGxd - Good Day

Wow! Really unexpected intro , it really absolutely turns into madness very quickly! Just a straight up good sounding Deathcore style track. Very solid instrumental with the tech drumming. This track really shows off your vocal abilities. Super brutal!

Milk Krayt - Medicine Wheel

Right away the fuzzy riffs took me right where I needed to be with this track. I greatly enjoyed the 90s grunge element with bits of punk sprinkled through out the song. It really was brilliant! This track just sounded perfect to me.

Thermality - Nidhögg

Very much appreciated this track! It had a ton of great elements. The chuggy riffs and just brutal tech sound mixed with some harmonic melodies was really brilliant! Very nice European style metal that just makes us want to mosh. Very well done on the production side as well. Being able to capture the raw energy but making it smoothe.

Lone Kodiak - The Corner Booth

Really banging and nice instrumental! Powerful drum sounds that stand out, really brilliant riff work! It's dynamic. But the hero here is the vocals in my opinion! It brings a great deal of additional rawness to the track and it has a strange melody to it but also sounds rough! It definitely would be a song that would sound great live I believe. Good work!

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