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(NEW REVIEWS) Constructing Infinity, Detonation Boulevard, VELOUR FOG, Soul Debt, Durkmoose

Constructing Infinity - Inner Weather

Really brilliant and technical work here. The shredding is absolutely impressive and the atmospheric sound that shines through is very interesting. Even with how much is going on in this track it feels very airy and smoothe. Really cool way of bending metal in your own expressive way.   LISTEN:

Detonation Boulevard - Let's Go Home!

Absolutely love how this track just focuses on being heavy as possible but still has a great groove to it. The vocals really make the track memorable and I love the gritty quality to the instrumental. True Death metal style!


This intro and where it leads is absolutely mind blowing and just a massive wall of sound and distortion. Just super heavy tones really used masterfully. Then the bassline coming up has a great groove to it and switches up the track. Really cool mixture!

Soul Debt - Staring into the Abyss

I really love the band name and the artwork first of all. Secondly , the sound did not dissapoint at all! Super deep, Prog style riffs and aggressive vocal approach that layers greatly with the guitar and creates an immense impact.

Durkmoose - Neurilemma

This was badass! It really does capture that brooding sound of the 90s. Teetering between grunge and metal, really simple but super dynamic and deep tones. Really fun listen and a great head banging tune.

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