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(NEW REVIEWS) Baruk Khazad , The Under_Score , Kursed Society, Glass Mansions, Chuc

Baruk Khazad - Chug Your Mead

Very nice! Creating a great primal and ancestral atmosphere here! Very viking and tribal mixed with great heavy riffs and guttural vocals. Really fun to watch and listen to! I really enjoyed the overall product here.

The Under_Score - Rocking Chair

This had a super deep and groovy experience! It really feels like there is grunge influence and I really loved the instrumental work here and the vocals worked great and really just felt like a great rock song to blast in the car!

Kursed Society - NOWDOYOULOVEME!

Really enjoyed this one! It had this great mix of rap, Trap, metal and also this kind of industrial noise vibe going on. Really dark tones and imagery! Right up my alley. Enjoyed the disturbing and raw production.

Glass Mansions - Nearsighted

I thought in all aspects of song writing this was very well done! Great song structure here and very great tones and it really sets the mood! It's a very catchy tune that is great for dancing! It really caught my attention in the later part of the song where the instrumental section really kicks in and makes the song atmospheric!

Chuc - Swamp Scotch

This one was really cool. You did a great job managing to fuse so many different tones. There's this grungy , 90s vibe going on but also this southern twist and almost doom/sludge like riffs too. Fantastic! Very deep and atmospheric.

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