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Whisper Of A White Bullet - A Part Of Me Review


We are a band that writes from Italy. To be precise from Sardinia. We would like to have the chance to introduce our music to as many people as possible and the dream would be to be able to live with our songs. We know the difficulties that exist in the world of discography today but we strongly believe in the music we compose and we would like to have an opportunity to demonstrate what we can do.


I definitely really enjoyed this one. You can feel the emotion and passion pouring through! We love artist ventures and pursuit and these guys are out here really trying and we respect that. The instrumental work is quite powerful and fabulous. It has a very desirable sound of deep , thick , rich tones. It has an overwhelming sort of melancholic vibe that just reminds us how powerful music is. The vocal style is reminiscent to mid 2000s emo but this track has a more solid rock body, it's a very nice mixture. I reccomend it!

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