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Watch Them Fail Interview

Interview with Wormholedeath signed band Watch Them Fail

1. What about music makes you love it?

Almost everything:-)

When it comes to making music, it's the creative process, the magic of creating together and the feeling of hearing the finished song.

Listening to music is about immersing yourself and, ideally, creating your own world

2. When and how did the band form?

The band came together in 2016, Stoffl & Georg me, we know each other for some years and played together in an other band and wanted to start something new.

Juljan was found quickly after and completed the lineup

3. Could you see yourself ever doing anything else? Or is it your biggest passion?

Since we all have our dayjobs, we see ourself doing anything else every day ;-)

But music is of course our biggest passion and at the moment we don`t see that this will change in the future

4. What do you think makes a song great?

I guess, a great song should catch you right away and stick in your ears, brain, heart and body.

And the hookline should also work, when singing it at the campfire with an accoustic guitar

5. How has your experience been with Wormholedeath?

So far we are really happy working with Wormholedeath! Carlo and Natty are both very passionate and professional in what they are doing and we`re proud of being part of a label that passionate about our music

6. Do you have any favorites on the Wormholedeath roster?

Well, of course the austrian bands in the Wormholedeath Roster ;-)

We know the guys in Krankheit and Cyrox and love their releases!

7. What are your plans for future releases?

We released our first full lenght album „HYBRIS“ in October `22, now we`re playing shows to promote this album and at the same time we are writing material for the next album.

8. What's going through your mind after you finish a song?

I´m curious how the song is received by others and how the emotions of others are about this song

9. Tell us about your release " Body Lies  "

" Body Lies“ ist the first single/video from our album "HYBRIS“, lyricly we love to keep the interpretation up to the listener, but for me it's about being pushed into conventions on a daily basis, playing a role that you really don't want at all, but pretending that all is fine.

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