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Warfield - KAYANM review


In the community of metal groups that are inspired by local traditions (the «tribal» metal of Sepultura, the «roots» metal of Skindread), please welcome WarField and its metal with this bitter aftertaste of Maloya. Never tasted it? Imagine the Apocalypse Now helicopter flying over Reunion Island while broadcasting Dagoba, Slayer, and Gojira instead of Wagner’s Walkyries.

"We are realising our next EP and Working on a tour in Europe for october 2024"


This track is the epitome of heavy music! There was so much passion and effort put forth here , you can feel it. These rhythms, build ups, the anticipation is wild! The guitar and bass work was super impressive, super dynamic and keeps you interested. The drumming was quite exquisite , with very interesting and almost tribal vocal sections. Very high quality production was utilized within the music , and the video! The video was hypnotizing! I highly enjoyed all the elements of art within this project. I reccomend it.

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