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Urban Primate Interview

Interview with the lead singer of Urban Primate!!

1. How was the style of music you make decided?

The music is the music we all would like to listen to. It’s based on our common Foundation of rock and metal from the 90s. Bands like Pantera, Alice In Chains, Deftones, Korn, Slipknot and bands like that who have a hard but melodic sound. It’s all about the groove and the melody.

2. How are disagreements handled in the band?

Our process of creating music is pretty collective. It always starts with a riff and then we just go from there. Of course disagreements occour, but usually we are all pretty much on the same page.

3. Best concert or performance you've seen?

In regards to best concerts, I can only speak for myself, and the top ones that come to mind are Pantera in 94, Tomahawk in 2003, Bryan Adams in 91 and Faithless in 99. So pretty varied.

4. What goes into making a good song?

A good song for us is something that creates some sort of instant sense of some kind of world or unique atmosphere that grabs you and encapsules you.

5. How has your experience with Wormholedeath been?

Our experience with WHD have been primarily positive. Good communication, and a feel of being taken serious.

6. What drew you to the music industry?

It's not so much the Industry we are drawn to, but an urge to express us through music. The industry part just comes with the territory, but luckily our label do not really interfere with our creative vision.

7. What's your day to day routine? 

Our day to day routines are pretty ordinary. We all have our daily jobs and families but the music is with us always and will always be a big part of who we are as individuals.

8. Tell us about your release " lies  "

Lies is the first single of our album, Desolation. It's just a cute little banger with a killer riff and a catchy melody and represents what we want to accomplish musically.


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