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The Survival Code - For Right , Or Wrong, For Better, Or Worse Review

Band statement:

"This is our third single or 12 in 12 months in 2023 from our upcoming album "Whispers Of Woe". Every month this year we are releasing a song, supported by videos, acoustic and live studio versions, artwork and animations we created to match our themes and lyrics, all derived from our most successful track "So serious" which is just touching 1.5m streams on Spotify"

This one was ear candy! Love the fusion of genres here but still managing to just be straightforward and rocking! You can hear elements of punk, emo and metal. We appreciate it! Overall instrumentally and vocally there is pleasant, melodic tones. The production has some areas of rawness and grit in a great way. The video is quite effective of showing some of the technicality involved in the playing here. Fun track.

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