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1. How did you decide the style of music you wanted to play?

Well, Suckerpunch has been through a lot of different styles. We started out as a band who tuned down and wanted to sound modern and play modern rock music such as Hardcore Superstar and others like that. That was really our first influences. But then as time went by we realized we weren’t into that style – we didn’t feel comfortable playing that sort of music and couldn’t come up with tunes that sounded the way we wanted it to sound. It always sounded more like Motorhead or Motley Crue. So fast forward till today and you got Suckerpunch

2. What's an important message you want to portray through your work?

We really don’t take ourselves that seriously, in fact we make a big deal out saying the opposite – that we haven’t invented the wheel, it’s already invented and works great so let’s go with that. The deep and meaningful lyrics we leave to others. All we know about are broken hearts and alcohol and gasoline driven engines!!!

3. What's the significance of the band name? 

It’s a cool sounding word and perhaps when you listen to our music you’ll get suckerpunched

4. State some of your earliest influences! 

As mentioned earlier, it’s a broad mixture. Lars is into death metal hence the drums being played the way he does. Kurt’s into 70’s rock so he likes that style. We all like Guns N Roses and Blackberry Smoke so we really find inspiration all over the place

5. What do you want to be remembered for? 

Having made good music that made you feel like partying and having fun and take you back in time to when things weren’t so complicated as they are today.

6. Your favorite part of making a track?

We all enjoy the process of being in the studio – even though it’s time consuming, and can be a pain in the ass, it’s still one of our favorite things to do

7. One message for your listeners? 

Get out there and support music – especially those no-big names. There are really some great ones in between

8. Tell us about your latest release 

“Redneck Gasoline” has been a long time in the making. The band went through a lot after the release of “Chasing the Horizon.” Divorces and line-up changes and then the f…..pandemic hit and everything was put on hold. Music wise the album really shows what we are about – good old oldschool rock n roll that is.

9.  Tell me about your decision to sign with Wormholedeath.

We actually sent them the album a long time ago but it sort of got lost. Then one day out of the blue, we were contacted by them and they wanted to re-release the album digitally. So we said; “OK – let’s do it”

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