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Sin Quirin Interview , SIGLOS Review

Overview: Former Ministry guitarist unleashes new Extreme metal project with influences of Black/Death/Industrial Metal

1. What initially inspired / started your journey musically?

Well, I grew up in a house where my parents always had music playing so I think I developed the love for it very young. My Dad was a singer in Mexico in the 60's so I'm sure it was in my blood. One memory that always sticks out is the first time I heard KISS in 1975. My older cousin brought over KISS Alive! and that's when I knew what I wanted to do.

2. Tell me more about this new project and how it came to be

During the pandemic/shutdown I began writing a handful of songs and I really wasn't sure where they would end up. Initially I was thinking of maybe doing a solo project with different vocalists on each track. While I was in the studio with my engineer/producer Alex Crescioni I had mentioned that I wanted to have a black metal type of vocalist for this one song I had. He suggested Pedro Sanchez cos he had recorded his band Transtorno. I heard his material and liked it so we had him come to the studio. He heard the track, worked on it and shortly after he was in the studio laying down the vocals. I was so impressed with what he did that I decided to turn this new batch of songs into a new project and SIGLOS was born.

3. Plans for future releases?

We are planning on and working on releasing a full length in the near future

4. How has your music evolved over time?

My music and writing is always evolving. I'm into so many different styles and genres and I'm always learning. I know most people know me because of the songs and albums I write and recorded with Ministry but I've written and recorded songs with Female singer songwriters, electronic bands, indie rock bands, etc... That's what keeps it fresh and exciting for me. No limits

5. Tell us more about the back story / info on "Morir Para Vivir"

Morir Para Vivir started with the music. It just sort of came to me rather effortlessly. I had this heavy riff/groove in my head but I also had this choral/orchestral sound swirling in my head that I wanted to incorporate into this heaviness. I love how the parts transition and how it takes the listener through this sound journey if you will. Pedro handles all the lyrics and they are very personal and spiritual. About dealing with life and death. Giving thanks to those that have passed and who have guided us and given us so much. Even in there absence they are still with us. 

"Morir Para Vivir" Review:

Wow! This was extremely powerful. Instrumentally this track is an absolute powerhouse. It's so heavy its face melting , very deep production! The vocals add an extra layer of brutality. The video and imagery are also just fantastic. Overall I rate it an amazing performance. Definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye on!

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