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(REVIEWS) Power Falcon, Blissful Thoughts, CONNECTING PIECES, Makeout Shinobi, Where Shadows Dwell

Power Falcon - Tumble Down the Mountain

I really appreciated the oldschool feel on this one. It really felt like some super raw early 90s metal. Love the production on the track. It's very gritty and all of the instruments stand out. Vocals are rough n rowdy! Definitely something I'd want to see live.

Blissful Thoughts - Purity

Really innovative, new and creative! There's so many elements going on here that blend beautifully. It has a indie,pop,rock,garage, and just so many influences going on. The vocals really match the instrumental melody and create a trance effect in the song. It's such a wonderful song!


I really appreciate the classic old school metal feel being brought here! This track feels like listening to rock and roll soldiers who have fought the fight! It has a really powerful 80s sound to it and just also very well produced, it's full of energy and hype!

Makeout Shinobi - CUTS

This one really hits emotionally and is also just a straight up fire track. I like the simplicity of the beat but it hits heavy with the melancholy vibes and the vocals match perfectly to really make this touching track. Lyrically it's really hard too. Kind of a nice mix of R&B with Rap, very nicely done.

Where Shadows Dwell - Realm Of Sorrow

I appreciate the resurgence of the classic metalcore sound! This is definitely one of the best newer ones I've heard. It really does have that killswtich vibe and I can hear your appreciation for the genre here. Really solid tune.

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