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PeroPero - The Rip Review

Band statement:

PeroPero, the ProgMetal Shamans from the depth of the galaxy! After a long hiatus, the Duo (which is actually hailing from Berlin/Germany and not the depth of the galaxy) is back with their third album "Massive Tales of Doom" and along with it, an epic music video for their single "The Rip"! The Album is a concept album, dealing with an interstellar event of catastrophic proportions, viewed as a hyperbole to nowadays' big challenges for humanity (global warming, disinformation etc...) and our struggle to deal with it accordingly while keeping our sanity intact.

Wow! This was an incredible listen and watch. The amount of groove here is absolutely immense. This is such a solid jam , the instrumental work is fantastic! It has amazing groove, rhythm and depth. The tones are THICK and crushing! The vocal style on display is so super unique and fun to listen to! Also, the video! The video was super interesting and awesome. It's so out of this world, trippy! Super fitting for the audio. You can tell so much effort went into the recording of the song, video and editing. I very much applaud it! This group is definitely worth keeping tabs on. I absolutely love this creativity.

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